1. Gigi Masin & Charles Hayward
  2. Heartworn Highways
    Nashville, Tennessee
  3. Johnnie Frierson
    Memphis, Tennessee
  4. Hayes McMullan
  5. John Angaiak
  6. Mark Lanegan
    Seattle, Washington
  7. Morley Loon
  8. Rodriguez
    Detroit, Michigan
  9. The Shaggs
    Fremont, New Hampshire
  10. The Black Angels
    Austin, Texas
  11. Native North America - Various Artists
  12. Nicole Willis
    Helsinki, Finland
  13. Karen Dalton
    New York, New York
  14. This Record Belongs To (Various Artists)
    Los Angeles, California
  15. Betty Davis
    New York, New York
  16. Kurt Stenzel
    Seattle, Washington
  17. Alan Vega, Alex Chilton and Ben Vaughn
    New York, New York
  18. Willie Thrasher
  19. Low Down - V/A
    Seattle, Washington
  20. Public Image Ltd.
    London, UK
  21. Goldberg
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
  22. Spooner Oldham
  23. The Kitchen Cinq
  24. Wendy Rene
    Memphis, Tennessee
  25. Karin Krog
  26. Wayne Mcghie
    Daytona Beach, Florida
  27. Sylvie Simmons
    San Francisco, California
  28. David Kauffman and Eric Caboor
    Los Angeles, California
  29. Lewis
    Seattle, Washington
  30. Supreme Jubilees
    Fresno, California
  31. Sly's Stone Flower
  32. Roky Erickson
    Seattle, Washington
  33. Wheedle's Groove
    Seattle, Washington
  34. Arthur
    Los Angeles, California


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